HMF Performance Series Dual Slip On Polaris® RZR Pro XP® Exhaust System

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The Polaris RZR PRO XP® exhaust systems are available as Dual Slip Ons in the Performance Series, Dual Full Turbo-Back in the Performance and Titan Series, and a Single Full Turbo-Back Big Core in the Titan SS Series.

All the dual systems use 16” silencers.  The Slip-On systems retain the original downpipe and turbo heat shields.  The Full Turbo-Back Systems will still retain the original turbo heatshields but replace all the exhaust components after the turbo.  All dual systems include a powder coated aluminum license plate bracket. 

Performance Series
Dual Slip-On 
The 4” diameter aluminum silencers replace the stock silencer and are significantly lighter.  

Dual Full Turbo-Back 
The 4” diameter aluminum silencers and stainless steel downpipe replace the entire exhaust system from the turbo back.  The downpipe includes a flex joint and custom laser-cut heatshield that mounts to the downpipe.

Exhaust Weights (weight difference to stock): 
Performance Dual Slip On: 15.05 lbs (-4.30 lbs compared to a stock silencer)
Performance Dual Turbo Back: 21.20 lbs (-5.05 lbs)

Performance Gains: 
Exhaust Only (all systems): +3 hp / +1 ft-lb
Exhaust & Tuning (all systems): +17 hp / +6 ft-lbs

Exhaust Fits: 
(2020) Polaris® RZR Pro XP
(2020) Polaris® RZR Pro XP 4